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Muller Van Severen

Website development in WordPress for a renowned design duo

For the version 3 of the website, Fien and Hannes enlisted graphic book designer Sven Beirnaert for the design. The web development is once again executed by us.


Converting a web design crafted by a meticulous graphic designer into a mobile-friendly website? It's certainly not the simplest endeavor ;)

Moreover, we aimed to maintain all the SEO progress achieved in previous years.


We worked closely with Fien, Hannes, and Sven to define the optimal structure and facilitate Sven's design process. We furnished him with a blueprint and a framework to unleash his creative talents.

Subsequently, we transformed the provided design into elegant HTML and seamlessly integrated it into the WordPress CMS while considering HTML structure and SEO ranking.

All the little bells and whistles were implemented. Utilizing a modular approach allows Fien to effortlessly construct her own pages.


Muller Van Severen envisioned a sleek new website that's easy to manage,
and that's exactly what they got.