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A website for the Belgian branch of a Portugese window manufacturer.

The local representative of Hyline felt he has a fantastic product and wanted to make it accessible to the Belgian audience through his own site.


How do you effectively convey technical details, such as insulation values for windows, through a website that appeals to the general public? And, on a deeper level, how do you introduce a new brand to potential dealers, sales outlets, and distribution channels?


Hyline specializes in a distinct product line, namely ultra-fine, nearly imperceptible window profiles. This is a noteworthy feature to emphasize, as this offering is distinctive and relatively rare in Belgium.

Instead of placing excessive emphasis on insulation values (which are undoubtedly crucial), we chose to highlight the aesthetic appeal first: showcasing the three types of windows (sliding, pivot, and guillotine) and architectural windows. Only after that do we mention the various insulation options.

While the site is primarily visually focused on B2C, a significant goal is also to reach the B2B market. Therefore, we created separate pages for architects and dealers. When introducing a new product, potential dealers are the primary audience.

The website serves as valuable support for these dealers as it can potentially attract new customers to their businesses.

A fresh design was applied to the site's blueprint, which was then translated into an easily manageable WordPress website.


Four years later, Engels Ramen entered into a partnership with Hyline as a dealer in Belgium.
The website continues to be active as a supportive platform.

Crystal clear.