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Dermatology Clinic

A new SEO-optimized website for a London dermatologist

Dr. Daniel Glass contacted me to revamp an existing website and transform it into a modern design while not neglecting SEO optimization.


Creating an aesthetically pleasing doctor's website while ensuring SEO optimization?

That's what Dr. Glass asked of me. He wanted to move away from the clinical appearance and desired a user-friendly website without compromising the SEO work done over the years.


Daniel is not a new client; we had previously created his personal website 10 years ago. Now, it was time to work on his practice's website.

To preserve the old SEO value, we carefully reviewed many aspects: what worked well was retained in terms of structure and URLs, and what didn't work as effectively was removed. This process was done in close collaboration with the SEO partner.

We aimed to create SEO and user-friendly content through an "inspiration" blog, providing valuable information to potential patients. We once again chose WordPress. We also paid attention to URL optimization and site structure while ensuring the site's loading speed.


By using soft colors, the site now has a gentle appearance that is less intimidating. The expertise of the doctors is prominently displayed in their individual bios. The SEO team has the opportunity to optimize content under the sections for different skin conditions and the inspiration blog.

The result? Dr. Glass has already asked me to revamp his personal site.
On to the next remake!