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a well-thought-out approach to your online presence.

I help entrepreneurs and organizations gain more insight and structure in their online communication. This way, you can be sure that your message reaches the right audience.

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you are facing the following challenges…

“I have a fantastic company, but no one knows who I am…

You've had a few years under your belt, and yet 'no one' knows who you are. You need a communication plan. Well-thought-out and ready for the future.

“our communication needs to change, but I don't know where to start…

Communication isn't your strong suit, but you know something needs to be done. But what and how? In short, it's time for an action plan with achievable goals.

“My web structure is a tangle, and I can't figure it out…

Your organization has a certain internal structure, but you can't sell it to the outside world. You would like to see that structure translated into a clear story.

“our company has grown, but we forgot to tell anyone…

Your company has taken its next steps long ago, but it's not reflected in the communication. It's been quite a while since anything happened with your online presence. It's high time for an update…

what clients say

“I've been working with Ine for about 7 years now. She's not only creative, but she also puts on a design thinking hat from the very beginning. Her feedback has been instrumental in helping us shape our processes as well as improve our user experience and customer journey.”

some cases

ARK Uitvaartzorg

Strategy, web design & Craft development, for an undertaker


Communication strategy, web design, Craft development & photography, for an importer and exporter of granulates

I like to sink my teeth into a project. Your challenge becomes mine.
That's why I invest the time to gain a deeper understanding of your company and the message you want to convey to the world.

I immerse myself in your organization, temporarily becoming an integral part of it. I familiarize myself with your objectives, and together with your team, we navigate potential solutions. My approach is hands-on, with the aim of providing you with tangible deliverables.

When we collaborate, we form a team: you possess deep knowledge of your business, and I contribute my expertise in communication. The synergy of this combined knowledge is the road to achieving results.

how I help


From desk research to the latest findings: we delve into your data and the relevant studies to see where improvements can be made in your field of work…

user testing

Nothing is as impactful as real-world results. We conduct short user tests to identify issues with your communication. You receive feedback directly from the user.


With my experience in service design, user testing, and prototyping, I use these and other methods to quickly gain visual insights. In small core teams, we examine your organization from a unique vantage point, considering both your perspective and that of your customers. User-centric all the way.

and more…

Are you looking for a speaker? Do you need guidance from a ThinkTank? Or an article for a trend report? I have already given talks for TedxFlanders, Creativity World Forum, FlandersDC, Antwerp Creativity District, written for trend reports, and participated in brainstorms for Flanders Tomorrow & Tourism Flanders.