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A new website for a construction industry company

Kris from Interminerals had a distinct vision: he wanted his website to exude both "style" and "aggregates." After all, Interminerals represents more than just stones.


How do you convey that an 'ordinary' (with a hint of irony) aggregates company offers more than just aggregates? And how do you do this without neglecting the needs of your visitors?

In addition to catering to the typical website visitors searching for specific types of aggregates, Kris wanted to highlight that Interminerals takes it a step further by providing next-level possibilities. Concrete, for instance, can be elevated to an aesthetic level, which would be particularly enticing to architects seeking that extra touch.


During a targeted workshop, we delved into the requirements of our visitors while also keeping the company's future vision in mind.

Using the workshop's outcomes as a foundation, we created wireframes, which were subsequently transformed into a design characterized by a contemporary, architectural, and fresh aesthetic.

We opted for Craft CMS to build a sustainable and forward-looking website, capable of handling multiple languages. Currently, it supports five languages, and we've designed it to accommodate additional languages in the future.


The website is strategically designed to offer a practical search experience for the average visitor through thoughtful filters. Simultaneously, architects are presented with carefully curated architectural projects that showcase Interminerals' expertise and capabilities.

We've also incorporated an 'Our Promise' page to communicate Interminerals' distinctive approach to every visitor. These elements contribute to the daily choice of Interminerals by its customers..

Mission accomplished!