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emporio ceramico

Contemporary Website for a design company

A message from Lebanon. Zeinab came across a website I had designed and admired it. She reached out and inquired if we could develop a similar website for her.


Emporio Ceramico's website was virtually non-existent. For 6 years, it had been a one-pager with a few tiles.

The company represents more than just that; it has been a well-established presence in Beirut and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. Initially, it began as an importer of Italian tiles and has since grown into a full-fledged enterprise with its own natural processing facility. This facility enables the company to offer services ranging from design and interior decoration to managing entire projects. Their reach extends from Lebanon to encompass all of Africa.


Via Zoom and Miro, I organized a workshop with the company, during which we defined specific objectives and requirements. We also delved into the needs and expectations of the website visitors.

Additionally, we took cultural differences into consideration; given that WhatsApp is commonly used in the Middle East, we integrated a chat function into the site.

All of these insights were then translated into a wireframe and a design.

We chose Craft CMS for a concise CMS that is easy to manage.


A website that Zeinab and her team can effortlessly oversee and tailor to their preferences. It targets not only end customers but also their partners, including architects and interior designers, with whom they collaborate with.

The site offers an online catalog of tiles and related products that can be easily browsed using filters. Each product comes with detailed information sheets and downloadable resources. Additionally, for architects, there's an extensive library of Sketch elements available for creating realistic renders.

This website evidently stands out in the industry, as evidenced by the fact that less than a year later, one of their competitors reached out, expressing interest in having a similar site created for them.