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Content and portrait photography for the rebranding of Deminor.

Magali from Deminor reached out to me following a previous collaboration, as they were in the midst of rebranding.


Deminor needed fresh visual content, both of their surroundings and their team members. They were looking for unique and contemporary portraits with a creative twist.


After discussions with the agency overseeing the rebranding project and Deminor themselves, we decided on a unique location for the photo shoot: an exceptional co-working space in Bosvoorde. However, there was a stipulation that the building should not be recognizable in the images.

We scheduled 2 days for the project, and the Deminor team gave me the freedom to employ my unique approach. They went about their tasks while I worked my photographic magic.

Later, as I became an integral part of the team and no longer a stranger, I captured the portraits. These were all shot using natural light, with an emphasis on highlighting the graphic elements.


The result? A striking series of portraits and an abstract collection of images tailored for the website

Hopefully, you'll have the chance to see them soon :)

what the client says

“Collaborating with Ine was an absolute delight. Having worked with her in the past and experiencing a seamless photoshoot, we knew we had to choose her again. Ine had a keen understanding of our needs while ensuring everyone felt at ease throughout the process, resulting in a truly remarkable session. We're eagerly anticipating our next collaboration!”