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Ine Dehandschutter

- More than 20 years of experience in web & online strategy.

- Over 200 completed websites.

- Certified in web & strategy, design thinking, and more.

Pleasure to meet you,
I am ine.

I graduated as a photographer when the internet was still in its infancy, and I immediately set out to explore the vast world of the web. Self-study and additional education both at home and abroad opened up new horizons, both literally and figuratively.

Photography may be my first love, but the boundless nature of the web is definitely my second. From designing to writing code, from strategy to execution, it all fascinates me endlessly.

I love to rearrange the puzzle pieces of your organization. I ponder over your challenges. Where have you grown, where do you want to go, and how do we translate that into a comprehensive strategy and communication that's ready for the future?

"We" refers to your organization and me. No interference. No project managers or endless meetings. Instead, a hands-on approach with quick results and, above all, honest feedback.

Meanwhile, Matuvu has been in the game for over 20 years, and loyal customers demonstrate why working together with us is beneficial: a partner who thinks, dares to challenge, but most importantly, is there throughout the journey until you no longer need me.

Portret van Farkas
Portret van Alexei
Portret van Erwin

solo-slim of in co-creation

For those projects where it's necessary, I have a fantastic team that takes care of the challenging tasks, allowing me to focus on the most important thing: elevating your business.

Farkas is my front-end guy who effortlessly translates every design into modern responsive designs, with animations where needed. He always adds that extra touch to a website and ensures that it's built neatly and according to standards.

Erwin i is a back-end specialist. Craft CMS is his tool of choice. He aims to create fast websites that rely on a content management system and achieve high scores on Google.

Alexei is our Wordpress mastermind. If you prefer a blog, then Wordpress is probably the most obvious choice, and Alexei translates the design into a custom WordPress theme.

Studio Massis, coworking

the freelancer’s network

Don't have enough with Matuvu's core team? No worries. I co-founded massis in 2010.

Massis is a team of freelancers with a complementary skill set and a shared vision of digital communication. Each of them is a seasoned expert in their field. Together, they form a dream team for your project.

We prefer to combine all our skills and expertise: from strategy and UX to branding and design, copywriting, photography, and web development.

Our stately office is located in a mansion just behind the Graslei in Ghent. Come visit!"

what clients say

“Ine listens to what you need, thinks along with you, and comes up with strong proposals. She keeps her promises and is super accessible for questions. If you're tired of always receiving deliverables three weeks later than planned, you've come to the right place: when she says something will be done, it really is. Highly recommended!”