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Strategic support for a luxury private travel agent

Socrates Private Travel

Branding, communication strategy & digital design

The client

Socrates Privates Travel is a luxury travel agency that offers tailor-made travel experiences.
A League of Extraordinary Travelers, grown from the passion of an adventurous family from Kruishoutem.

The challenge

Michou & Mathieu, mother and son, contacted me for a website. But it soon became clear that it was about much more than just a website. The entire communication could be tackled. Even more. A true brand identity could be created.

The quest

After a thorough trend analysis we went in search of the core of the brand: What were the precise drivers? Where does their passion come from and - not unimportantly - what brand goal did they have in mind?
We not only focused on the travel agency itself, but on the end user. What exactly does the customer want to experience? And how do we make the luxury travel agency concept futureproof, taking everything into account.

The result

Based on this strategy, we refined the brand, came up with new "journeys" and jointly defined new guidelines for the future.
The League of Extraordinary Travelers became more than the family that founded it. It became a way of traveling and living that you can share with like-minded people. An exclusive tribe of people with a shared vision and passion. This vision translates into the website, the accompanying newsletter strategy, the PR approach, a book and partnerships with brand partners that fit the Socrates league.

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